Oilfield Acquisition Due Diligence

a large offshore rig on a rocky shorea large offshore rig on a rocky shore
Client: Confidential Client
​​​​​​​Time Period: 2016-present
​​​​​​​Staff: Dan Tormey, Megan Schwartz, Justin Campbell
Service lines: Energy
Catalyst staff conducted an environmental site assessment of ten offshore plat-forms, six onshore oil fields, and the Drift River Marine Terminal, in the Cook Inlet, Alaska, in support of the transfer of assets between Chevron Corporation and Hilcorp Energy Corporation.
The project objective was to determine the presence of recognized environmental conditions and/or whether such conditions would be likely to occur in the future due to on‐site or nearby activities, as well as establish the environmental compliance status of all facilities. To achieve this objective, Catalyst staff inspected the facilities and reviewed available environmental documents.

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