San Gabriel Valley Greenway Network CEQA/NEPA

a poster with people riding horsesa poster with people riding horses
Client: County of Los Angeles​​​​​​​
Staff: Megan Schwartz, Emily Merickel, Hannah Donegue, Lindsey Garner, Dan Tormey, Charlie Piechowski​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Service lines: Land, Water, Conservation
The San Gabriel Valley Greenway Network aims to transform the many flood control channels, utility rows, abandoned rail lines and complete streets corridors in this heavily developed and urban region of Los Angeles County into a world-class network of safe, cohesive, and easily accessible community greenways.
Led by the County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works, this project involves the design and implementation of a network of bicycle paths and pocket parks along the San Gabriel River.​​​​​​
a map of a study areaa map of a study area
​​Catalyst, as a subcontractor to Brown and Caldwell, is providing regulatory assistance and CEQA compliance for this important multi-modal transportation project. Catalyst is leading the environmental review of this important community project. As the greenway network is currently under design development, Catalyst developed a regulatory constraints analysis for proposed segments, as a GIS layer, to assist the team in identifying the most optimal routes. Key considerations include proposed trails along flood channels, and within the jurisdictional boundaries of waterways, which could trigger Clean Water Act Section 401, 404 and/or 408 permits. Once the final design alternatives are completed, Catalyst will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed project.

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