Solar Energy and Battery Storage Projects throughout Pacific Northwest

a row of solar panelsa row of solar panels
Client: Strata Clean Energy
​​​​​​​Time Period: 2019-2020
Staff: Benjamin Pogue, Lindsey Garner, Emily Merickel
Service lines: Energy
Catalyst has assisted renewable energy developers throughout the Pacific Northwest with critical issues analysis for facility siting, project planning and permitting, and site assessments and clearances to manage potential environmental liabilities.
Catalyst performed extensive desktop research and field reconnaissance to identify potential development constraints, taking many environmental, land use, and physical into consideration to develop a facility siting plan that streamlines permitting/compliance.

Additionally, Catalyst prepared policy analyses of states’ and numerous specific counties’ land use policies on battery storage facilities and renewable energy development zones. A key issue of this analysis was to assess how states and counties are classifying battery storage projects according to land use codes/plans, particularly considering the relative newness of battery storage projects and the subsequent absence in existing land use/planning guidance. Ultimately, this policy analysis assisted with identifying land use permitting pathways for specific battery storage projects and develop understanding of which counties in the Pacific Northwest have an established pathway for issuing a land use permit for battery storage projects coupled with a renewable energy development.

Policy Analysis, Permitting, Planning, and Liability Management

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