Inglewood Oil Field Environmental Support On-Call Services

an oil pump on a hillan oil pump on a hill
Client: Sentinel Peak Resources
Time Period: 1994-present
Staff: Dan Tormey, Justin Campbell, David (Chip) Blankenhorn, Megan Schwartz
The Inglewood Oil Field is the largest area of contiguous open space in California, and Catalyst staff has worked for over two decades for the various operators to develop strategies for regulatory compliance supporting active work in an otherwise natural environment.
In this role, we have completed the following tasks:
  • Developed a groundwater monitoring program and have conducted quarterly and annual groundwater monitoring and reporting since 2008.
  • Developed a Special Status Species and Habitat Protection Plan and have conducted nesting bird surveys, invasive plant surveys, and other biological surveys and associated reporting, as needed since 2008.
  • Designed a bioremediation program to address legacy contaminated soils identified during the original property transaction, which saved the company nearly $1 million dollars in their purchase negotiations in 1993. Our team oversaw the permitting of the bioremediation project through the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and conducted regular monitoring, oversight and reporting, through to project closure in 2014.
  • Worked directly with the Regional Water Quality Control Board to negotiate the permit conditions associated with the field Industrial NPDES permit, including interim and final water quality limits. Catalyst staff assisted in revising the stormwater sampling program and trained oil field staff in proper sample collection protocol to limit the concentration of suspended solids in samples. Our team has assisted oil field staff with stormwater sampling, analysis and reporting since 2012. We also work with oil field staff to identify areas of concern that affect water quality and implement BMPs to prevent stormwater contamination.
  • Led the development all documentation prepared pursuant to CEQA since 2008 and assist EHS staff in coordination with city and county planning departments.
  • Worked directly with state and federal agencies with regulatory oversight jurisdictional waters and threatened and endangered species at the fields to negotiate terms of Clean Water Act permits, and associated mitigation requirements. Our team has worked with oil field staff to review project design and adjust designs early on in the process to minimize permitting requirements and environmental impacts.

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