Our work with energy spans its source (oil and gas production, transport, and terminals), generation (wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and fossil fuels including natural gas, diesel, coal, and nuclear), storage (BESS), and transmission. Our team is equipped to handle the environmental and policy aspects of any type of energy project.
Catalyst has led the preparation of numerous NEPA and CEQA-compliant documents for wind power, geothermal, hydroelectric, oil and gas and coal-fired generation, as well as transmission and substation facilities, pipelines, and distribution centers. Our team has prepared technical Resource Reports and Proponent’s Environmental Assessments for submittal to Public Utilities Commissions and government Agencies. Of particular note, Dr. Dan Tormey has managed over a dozen projects with Southern California Edison and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in response to California’s decision to deregulate the electric generation industry in the State.
Catalyst is a leader in the oil and gas industry, working for both industry and government. With over 30 years of experience working with local and national oil and gas operators, and has served as expert advisors to the Governor, legislature, and local agencies in California. For the past 30+ years, our team has assisted operators with environmental regulatory compliance in all matters of day-to-day field operations, including stormwater sampling, groundwater monitoring, biological and paleontological surveys, permitting and reporting. We have conducted environmental constraints analysis of potential new or expanded field operations to optimize site selection and minimize environmental impacts. Over the last decade we have become expert advisors to government agencies overseeing oil and gas operations. This work has been conducted under the umbrella of the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) addressing hydraulic fracturing, water management, and gas handling. 
a row of solar panelsa row of solar panels
Catalyst has assisted renewable energy developers throughout the Pacific Northwest with critical issues analysis for facility siting, project planning and permitting, and site assessments and clearances to manage potential environmental liabilities
a group of animals in a field with a tall rock in the backgrounda group of animals in a field with a tall rock in the background
Catalyst led the NEPA review for this high-profile and controversial project. Catalyst staff also guided the lead agencies through the Section 7 and Section 106 processes. Our team successfully completed the NEPA, Section 7 and 106 processes ahead of a judicially mandated deadline​​​​​​​


NEPA, CEQA, and Other State-Equivalent NEPA Programs
Economic Analysis
Mitigation Planning
Endangered Species Act Consultation
Local and Regional Agency Coordination and Approvals
Land Use & Entitlement Permitting

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Site Characterization and Remediation
Environmental Liability Cost Quantification and Analysis
Insurance Risk Analysis

Strategic Redevelopment Planning
Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System (VIMS) Design, Installation, and Testing
Soil Management Plans
Oil Field Property Transfer and Redevelopment

Site Characterization and Remediation
Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment
Soil Vapor and Groundwater Monitoring
Developing and Executing Strategies for Regulatory Site Closure

Strategic Regulatory Analysis
Constraints Analyses
Expert Testimony
Litigation Support

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