Heber 2 Geothermal Repower Project

a large structure with fans on topa large structure with fans on top
Staff: Ben Pogue, Emily Merickel, Paden Voget, Lindsey Garner
Service lines: Energy
Catalyst prepared a CUP Amendment Application, CEQA IS/MND, and technical resource reports for the proposed Heber 2 Geothermal Repower Project located in southern Imperial County.
Proposed developments include two new water-cooled energy converters to replace six former water-cooled units; three 10,000 gallon isopentane above ground storage tanks; and additional pipes to connect the proposed facilities with the existing Heber 2 Geothermal Energy Complex. Key issues included public safety from the storage of additional isopentane, air emissions, water use, and planning/land use. Catalyst coordinated between legal counsel and the County to address legal issues raised in an attorney-prepared comment letter, including the piecemealing of the proposed project; hazard assessment of a catastrophic failure of the isopentane tanks; air emissions; potentially present sensitive species; and cumulative effects. Catalyst closely coordinated with the Imperial County Planning Department, Fire Department, and state agencies to work through potential environmental and safety issues and prepare defensible technical resource reports and response to comments.

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