Real Estate Transaction and Redevelopment Services

Client: Various Clients
Time Period: 2015-Present​​​​​​​
Staff: Steve Michelson, Tyson Fulmer, Justin Campbell, David (Chip) Blankenhorn
Service lines: Land
Changes in property ownership can be fraught with uncertainty due to challenges in identifying, characterizing, and monetizing potential environmental liabilities based on fragmentary information within short timeframes.
The range in environmental liability cost estimates is frequently so great as to frustrate attempts to adequately address them in the purchase and sale agreements. At Catalyst, we work with buyers, sellers, underwriters, and lenders to identify, assess, and quantify environmental liabilities to support property transactions, re-finance, and obtain insurance policies. We provide real-world guidance on the costs, timeframe, and regulatory requirements to address the identified liabilities to effectively support the transactions while minimizing impacts on the timeframe of the deals. We also work with our clients to support the development of creative deal structures to help get deals done with a positive outcome for our clients.

Some municipal building and planning departments are now placing the local or state environmental regulatory agency on the critical path to issuing building permits and certificates of occupancy. Catalyst understands that the construction schedule and certificate of occupancy are intrinsically tied to our client’s financial model of the property. Catalyst has considerable expertise in negotiating, navigating, and resolving environmental concerns so our clients can construct and occupy their development on schedule.

Following acquisition, we work with our clients to integrate remediation with development to dramatically reduce cleanup costs and time to occupancy. In addition to site characterization and remediation, our team are experts in the design and installation of vapor intrusion mitigation systems (VIMS).

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