Confidential Developer in Ventura/Los Angeles Counties: Support for Redevelopment of Oil and Gas Property Including Conservation Easements, Residential, and Commercial Uses

a group of trucks in a dirt fielda group of trucks in a dirt field
Client: Confidential Land Development Client
​​​​​​​Time Period: 2018-present
Staff: Justin Campbell, Tim Lee, Charlie Piechowski, Clint Olesen, David (Chip) Blankenhorn, Dan Tormey​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Service lines: Land, Energy
Catalyst staff conducted resource studies to support their proposed development projects in the Santa Clara River Watershed and prepare the surface water hydrology/flood control, geomorphology/riparian resources, and hazards sections of the Development Plan/Spineflower Conservation Plan (RMDP/SCP) EIR/EIS.
Much of the work included accommodating oil field development within the planning footprint and guiding the future abandonment and remediation of the oilfields in the future. In addition to work directly on the EIR/EIS. The surface water hydrology/flood control section characterizes and evaluates potential project impacts related to flood hazards along the Santa Clara River and tributaries, and the geomorphology/riparian resources section characterizes and evaluates potential project impacts to the geomorphology and riparian resources along the Santa Clara River and tributaries.

To facilitate development, Catalyst staff prepared a Remedial Action Plan and Soil Management Plan to guide remediation of the former oil field sites above which the development was to be built. Much of the remediation occurred concurrently with the largest grading project in the world in 2018. The work was moved fast, and coordination was paramount, but the cleanup was successfully completed, and the area received letters of no further action from the lead cleanup agency.
Our work on this site has included consideration of ecological and archaeological concerns that had to be addressed. Setbacks from oil and gas wells and evolving regulations related to methane also had to be addressed. All required studies to support these decisions were prepared on time, and the area was given a clean bill of health by relevant regulatory agencies as a result of these studies.

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