Dredging and Beneficial Reuse of Dredged Sediment to Support Shoreline Reinforcement

Client: Various Clients
Time Period: 2015-Present
Staff: Steve Michelson, Tyson Fulmer​​​​​​​
Service lines: Water
Catalyst staff are experts in developing, permitting, and executing dredging plans in a variety of environments and settings with the objective of beneficially reusing the dredged sediment for shoreline reinforcement in support of climate change resiliency, construction materials, agriculture, and habitat restoration.
To date, our team has permitted and supervised the beneficial reuse of over 1 million cubic yards of dredged sediment at various locations throughout the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta. In addition, in coordination with the California Department of Water Resources and the State Water Resources Control Board, our staff conducted a Delta background study to support a general permit for the widespread reuse of dredged sediments.

We employ our hydrology, geochemistry, and hydrogeology expertise to evaluate threats to surface and groundwater posed by dredge sediments and marine construction projects. Our approach to dredging projects starts with a carefully thought-out design that incorporates the dredge method, material management, and remediation and mitigation measures to meet client needs. We bring experience with dredge and marine construction efforts involving:
  • Contamination from metals, pesticides, dioxins, petroleum, and salinity issues
  • Geophysical methods to identify buried debris
  • Assessment of aquatic toxicity
  • Mitigation offsets - dissolved oxygen enhancement, silt and fish screens and curtains, and alternative dredge and construction methods.
Our clients include the Port of Stockton, California Department of Water Resources, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Stockton Sailing Club, the St. Francis Yacht Club, and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

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