Environmental Due Diligence and Permitting for EVgo Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Statewide California

a row of ev charging stationsa row of ev charging stations
Client: EVgo and Forum Mobility
Time Period: 2021-Present
Staff: Ben Pogue, Dan Tormey, Justin Campbell, Tyson Fuller, David (Chip) Blankenhorn​​​​​​​
Service lines: Land, Energy
Catalyst is supporting EV charging projects with site screening/selection, critical issues, due diligence, and permitting for numerous prospective electric vehicle charging sites across California.
A key objective is to provide quick overview of critical issues for potential sites, focusing on the sites with minimal environmental issues and potential for streamlined permitting through the application of Assembly Bills 1236 and 970. Our current work includes supporting EVgo and Forum Mobility with multiple Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, site investigations, underground storage tank removals, and liability management. In addition, the Catalyst team is leading the permitting processes including for these charging depots, including the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Catalyst has performed numerous projects across California and successfully engaged numerous municipalities and planning departments.

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