Ventura County Oil and Gas Setback Study

a map of Ventura County residential zonesa map of Ventura County residential zones
Client: Ventura County
​​​​​​​Time Period: 2021-present
Staff: Lindsey Garner, Dan Tormey, Paden Voget, Megan Schwartz, Charlie Piechowski, Emily Merickel
Service lines: Land, Energy
Catalyst is assisting the Ventura County Resource Management Agency Planning Division with the preparation of a comprehensive study supporting consideration of establishing setbacks between new wells and sensitive land uses based on public health and nuisance conditions.
At the direction of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, the Catalyst Setback Study provides a comprehensive description of: (1) regulatory framework applicable to oil and gas development at federal, state, regional, and local level; (2) compilation of all setbacks in the state of California and Colorado, including critical review of the technical basis for such setbacks; (3) critical review of the peer reviewed and grey literature bearing on public health and nuisance conditions related to oil and gas development in proximity to sensitive uses; and (4) critical review of the use of the Air Toxics Hot Spot (AB-2588) data for all oil and gas facilities in the County.

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