Biogas Renewable Generation Project at Scholl Canyon Landfill EIR Review and Comment

a plan of a sitea plan of a site
Client: City of Los Angeles
Staff: Dan Tormey, Paden Voget, Megan Schwartz
Service lines: Land
Catalyst was requested by the City of Los Angeles to review the City of Glendale’s draft EIR for the construction of a Landfill Gas Renewable Generation Project at their Scholl Canyon Landfill.
The Proposed Project would replace the existing practice of sending landfill gas to Grayson Power Plant by pipeline for combustion with a new on-site power plant which would produce approximately 12 megawatt of electricity by utilizing the naturally-occurring landfill gas as a fuel source for electrical generating equipment. The new power plant would be located at the Scholl Canyon Landfill, an existing Class III nonhazardous landfill facility that accepts municipal solid waste and is not a generator of, or repository, for hazardous wastes. The proposed project involves construction and operation of an approximately 2.2-acre power plant to be located on a portion of an approximately 95-acre site owned by Los Angeles County within the City of Glendale’s land use and zoning jurisdiction. Catalyst prepared a technical Memorandum outlining both major Issues and other Issues identified during our review of the Draft EIR. Major issues were presented with a description of the issue, followed by the technical basis for the issue, and a means to resolve the issue. Other issues were presented in table format. The City of Los Angeles used the technical memorandum as basis for a formal comment letter submitted to the City of Glendale, which led to substantial changes to the project analyzed in the EIR.

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