Rose Valley Creek Restoration Project

a landscape of a mountain rangea landscape of a mountain range
Client: California Trout (CalTrout)
​​​​​​​Time Period: 2021-present
Staff: Megan Schwartz, Lindsey Garner, Hannah Donaghe, Emily Merickel
Service lines: Conservation
Catalyst is leading the CEQA/NEPA analyses and environmental permitting for the removal of three impoundments in Rose Valley Creek near Ojai.
The existing Rose Valley lakes were constructed by the U.S. Navy SeaBees in the 1950s and 1960s and are now popular recreational features for fishing and boating. The proposed project would result in removal of the lakes and restoration of Rose Valley Creek to restore beneficial uses for the endangered southern California steelhead and other native aquatic species. The Project is within the Los Padres National Forest, with the Forest Services as lead agency for the NEPA analysis. Catalyst led the NEPA scoping and is preparing technical reports, including biological assessments and Section 106, to support a NEPA categorical exclusion for the project and is leading federal permitting for the project, including Clean Water Act 401 and 404 permits.

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