Recycled Water

a city next to the beacha city next to the beach
Los Angeles Former Mayor Garcetti has committed to the City recycling 100% of its wastewater by 2035.
The city turned to Catalyst to assist in developing an environmental approvals roadmap that will be efficient enough to meet the aggressive timing goal, and thorough enough to be robust to legal challenge.
As a megacity with a desert climate, the mayor has recognized that Los Angeles must maximize its local supplies of water to offset demands on water from further north in the state that is increasingly at risk of curtailment due to environmental water demand and the increasingly extreme hydrology brought on by climate change. The commitment requires massive reconfiguring of one of the world’s largest water reclamation plants (Hyperion), and providing new recycled water distribution piping throughout the City. This complex issue requires innovative thinking and solutions: Catalyst’s hallmark.

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a row of sailboats in a harbora row of sailboats in a harbor
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