Invasive Species

a group of Quagga Mussels on a rocka group of Quagga Mussels on a rock
As California’s climate changes, both native species and agricultural production are at increasing risk from invasive species. Catalyst brings innovative thinking and rigorous analysis to support our response to this continuing onslaught.
Catalyst is working to eradicate one of the country’s most invasive mollusks, the quagga mussel, from the first waterbody in the state to have a confirmed occurrence: Lake Piru in California. Catalyst also provides environmental support to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, who for many years has been the agricultural industry’s first line of defense against invasive species. Over a third of America’s vegetables and two-thirds of America's fruits and nuts are grown in California. The quantities and diversity of agricultural products grown in California, including fresh fruits and vegetables, wine grapes, nuts and grains, contribute to the state’s image throughout the world and add to the quality of life of its residents. CDFA has turned to Catalyst to assist them in gaining approval for invasive species control and eradication programs that build in rapid response and flexibility while protecting non-target species.

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a row of sailboats in a harbora row of sailboats in a harbor
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