Dam Safety

a road next to a body of water with a dam in ita road next to a body of water with a dam in it
America’s dams and other water infrastructure are aging, and in California are increasingly vulnerable to a more extreme range of hydrologic conditions and to seismic risk.
Lake Oroville’s spillway deterioration before our eyes led to a much-enhanced dam safety program in the state. United Water Conservation District turned to Catalyst to conduct an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to support safety-related improvements to its dam. The project was completed successfully, and the early satisfaction of this major environmental requirement led to much improved rankings in grant requests. Many such funding authorities are looking for “shovel-ready” projects, and the Catalyst environmental review provided that assurance.

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a row of sailboats in a harbora row of sailboats in a harbor
Justin Campbell was presented with the Chairman’s Award for Excellence by the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce for notable contributions to the community.