Inglewood Oil Field – Environmental Services

Catalyst staff conducted numerous environmental assessments at the Inglewood Field, including reviews of oil and hazardous materials impacts, biological concerns, and permitting constraints for new development.

The staff conducted site remediation, including design, construction, and permitting of 7.5 acres of bioremediation cells that are used for long-term site restoration, and prepared applications and supporting materials for NPDES permits, including a site-specific permit and the Stormwater Discharge permit.

In addition, Catalyst staff assisted in the EIR process for the formation of a Community Services District for continued operations at the field. This was conducted in response to a County imposed moratorium on new well permits. PXP voluntarily prepared a CEQA Project that governed new drilling and continued operations. The resulting Community Services District is much like a specific plan for the oil field that addresses all aspects that could have an environmental impact. This project sets the standard for addressing the impacts of other urban oil fields. The work in relation to the project included review of the draft EIR and preparation of comments, speaking at public meetings, and developing a compliance strategy. In the implementation phase, Catalyst prepared the environmental compliance plans and were the principal consultants supporting the rollout of the program. Catalyst conducted training, prepared summary documents for use by field personnel, developed GIS based maps showing the locations of sensitive resources for planning purposes, and routinely participated in project meetings representing the environmental concerns.

Liability management, site assessment, risk assessment, remediation, and oil field due diligence

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