Conserving Our
Lands and Waters

Preserving our world’s natural and cultural heritage is critical to who we are as a people. We have worked as part ofIUCN’s Geoheritage Specialist Group, and the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). Our conservation and protected area management dream team helps identify and rank potential sites, prepare and manage applications, develop and implement protected area management plans and interpretive planning  and provide expert advice and decision making analyses.

Dan Tormey, has served on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Review Committee (on behalf of the IUCN) since2009, having conducted 27 desktop reviews of nominations from States Parties to the World Heritage List, and one field mission. He has coauthored two publications on behalf of IUCN: Volcano Thematic Study (2019)and Best Practice Guidelines on Geoheritage Conservation in ProtectedAreas  (2020) as well as numerous peer-reviewed publications on geoheritage, protected area management, and education. He is also a member ofIUCNs World Commission on Protected Areas Geoheritage Specialist Group.

Catalyst has a dream team network of conservation planning specialists to support all phases of the process, from ranking potential sites for inclusion, developing stakeholder support for the process, developing application materials and working with governing authorities, and supporting recreational and land use planning. The depth and breadth of this team is unmatched.

Cotopaxi Volcano summit crater at 5,897m, Ecuador © Dan Tormey
taken as part of the IUCIN Volcano Thematic Study


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